The Autumn Collection

Thorn & Claw's second collection is now available for your exploration.

Centred on simple to wear necklaces and minimally textured stacking rings, the new collection is for all who wish to connect back to their inner wilds as the season turns darker.

The essence of Autumn is threaded through this gathering of designs. Acorns from the sacred Ogham oak may now be adorned about your person, to entreat your potential and spiritual growth, a commitment to your ambitions.

Ancient amulets

Blackthorn once again makes an appearance in my collection. I cannot help but be drawn to this most ancient and ominous tree. Crossed thorns from the popular Striaf earrings, may now be ornamented around you as an amulet of warding and shielding.

A single, sleek Owl talon, can now be worn as a talisman to strengthen your intuition and connect you deeper to the Otherworld and inward shadow work.

Folklore and myth

Perhaps, one of my favourite new designs is life-cast from a Stag Beetle, a creature steeped in unusual folklore and dark exaggerations. Often appearing on stormy evenings it is not surprising that in German folklore, the male Stag Beetle is associated with Thor, the God of thunder.

There is yet more flora and fauna cast and formed in solid silver, honouring the season of decay and shadow that may call to you. Explore this new ode to the wilds, and discover your amulet against the perils of modern living.