A guide to necklace chain lengths

A style guide on how to find the perfect chain length for your necklace.

In the realm of ritual adornment, necklaces symbolise personal talismans that weave stories and meaning into our daily lives as we become a living altar. The practice of necklace layering surpasses fashion, with each pendant becoming a sacred relic.

This guide will explore the different chain lengths that may accompany your talisman and the different ways in which they may be worn.
Necklace length guide

Necklace chain style guide

I offer 4 different chain styles depending on the talisman that calls to you.

Ball chain - A chain that looks woven and beaded in style, the texture adds a more ancient and elevated style. The individual balls delicately catch the light and look especially eye-catching against black fabrics. These chains work very well when layered with other styles.

Belcher chain - Substantial and strong, this 3.5mm belcher chain works particularly well with larger talismans. A thick chain style that makes any pendant a real statement piece, especially when worn alone.

Black waxed cotton cord - A simple but loved style, black waxed cotton cord looks almost leather-like in appearance while still remaining ethical. This cord adds a minimalistic touch to any talisman.

Small ball chain - Only offered on my smallest talismans, this more delicate ball chain is perfect for daily wear and for layering with larger pieces. It creates an elegant look when worn in a shorter style close to the neck.

Necklace length guide

Shorter choker chains // sizes 16, 18, & 20 inches - This length is perfect for smaller talismans and pieces you want to layer with other necklaces. Works well if you like your pendant to sit higher on your chest. 20 inches is a popular size and suits most talismans.

Signature mid-length // 22, 24, & 26 inches - A perfect length for lower necklaces where you want your talisman to contact your skin just above your heart or to pair with smaller pieces layered above. Also works well to allow pendants to be worn over the top of clothing for daily wear.

Statement long length // 28, 30 and beyond - These lengths add a real elegance to any talisman, and make any piece look a little more mystical. Perfect for a single signature necklace, or to pair with shorter necklaces for a layered ensemble. Can also be looped around the neck twice for a doubled strand.

Necklace length chain guide

Necklace length guide

Tips for choosing your necklace length and chain style

Measure the length on yourself - Each chain measurement is the total length of the chain, so if you can, cut a piece of thread or string and take a look at where it sits on you in a mirror.

Consider the pendant length - Each pendant will be listed with its size and weight. Don’t forget to add the length of the pendant to the chain length so you know where it will sit.

Pair it with other jewels - If you wish to layer your necklace, think about what chain style will match your existing pieces.

Customisations are always welcome - If you wish for a different chain length or style, I would be honoured to bring your vision to life. Message me and we can talk of possibilities. 

Explore, experiment, and let your talismans speak the language of the old ways. Embrace the dance of materials, and celebrate dressing yourself as a living altar. As you adorn yourself with these sacred strands, remember that styling is not just about aesthetics; it's a poetic expression of your soul's journey.

Explore the collection, and find your perfect talisman.