Evocative, primal jewellery designs, invoking the shadow side of nature.

Drawing from British folklore, Nordic mythology and Celtic legends, handmade from ethically sourced materials and natural finds. Each talisman is ritually crafted by hand in Dorset, England.

Thorn & Claw was invoked into being on the wood-smoked winds of autumn, summoned by a beckoning call to re-wild ourselves

I worked within UK Wildlife Conservation for over 10 years, and watched in despair as we become increasingly disconnected from nature, straying further still from our ancient roots. The health of our wildlife is steadily decreasing year on year along with the well-being of our spirits, as we become dangerously entangled in urban sprawls.

I started silversmithing many moons ago, with a desire to create wearable amulets and talismans inspired by natural forms - bones, talons, thorns and claws. I craft them for you to wear, to feel reconnected to nature once again. To hold close when in the busiest of places, surrounded by traffic and noise. When you long to escape into the forest.

Reconnect to your roots

My designs are each forged from the purest precious metals and gemstones, and I only craft from ethically sourced materials and natural finds. No creature is harmed by my hands and each creation is crafted in their honour. Your pieces are sent to you in eco-friendly materials that tread lightly on the Earth.

5% of any profit made by my creations is donated to a Wildlife Rescue group in Dorset, who work tirelessly to heal the wounded wild. 

Explore these pages and find what calls to you. Each piece is unique in finish, and will be like no other. If you yearn for something undiscovered, custom designs can be conjured from your dreamings. 

Each jewellery piece is handcrafted on my small jewellers bench, nestled in the corner of my home. I live with my feral partner and rescue cat, right on the edge of the forest. Hidden away in the South West of England, close to castle ruins and ancient barrows. I can smell the sea on the air and hear owls calling at night. I know where I belong.

Remember you are wild