How To Create An Altar Space

5 ways to create an altar space

Creating an altar space is a sacred and powerful ritual for spiritual practices, meditation, and self-reflection. Creating an altar is a deeply personal and meaningful experience that can help you connect with your inner self, the earth and our ancestors. Here are five simple and creative ways you can create an altar space at home.

How to create an altar space at home

Choose the perfect altar location

The first step in creating an altar space at home is to choose a location with intention. The space should be quiet, peaceful, and free of distractions. It can be a corner in your living room, bedroom, or even your outdoor patio. Make sure the location has good energy and feels inviting to you. Choose somewhere that feels like it can be your personal sanctuary. Look for a place that is free from clutter and that receives natural light. This will help to create a serene and uplifting atmosphere. Once you have found the perfect spot, clear the area of any unnecessary objects and clean the space thoroughly.

Select your altar objects and symbols

The second step is to select meaningful objects to place on your altar. These objects should be personal to you and have significant meaning in your life, or represent energies or deities you wish to call into your space. You can include items such as candles, crystals, statues, pictures, or anything else that resonates with your heart. These objects can symbolise your connection with your spiritual practice, your ancestors, or your guides. Consider the colours, textures, and shapes of the things you choose, and arrange them in a way that feels aesthetically pleasing to you. Some people choose to rotate the items on their altar space to reflect different intentions or phases of life.

Decorate your altar with personal symbols and objects

One of my favourite ways to decorate my altar space is with daily objects that I adorn myself with or even seasonal items that change depending on the month. I often hang necklaces above my altar, place a bottle of my favourite perfume to one side and leave my favourite daily-worn rings and earrings in a little dish on my altar in the evening, ready to dress the next morning. Making your daily rituals as part of this space helps create magic in the mundane, and resources a sacredness to your own care. My favourite altar decorations are usually jewellery pieces that hold deep meaning for me, and although I do not wish to wear them daily, I do desire to hold them or gaze upon them. Jewellery makes the most perfect altar decorations.


Inspired by ancient nordic folklore and celtic mythology, this formidable crow talon pendant is life-cast in solid sterling silver. Wear close to call forth the true wild within.


A statement solid silver acorn, life-cast from an ancient oak tree in England. A powerful amulet in ode to your inner potential. 

Add nature elements to your altar space

The fourth step is to add elements from nature to your altar space. This can include plants, flowers, shells, or stones. These elements can bring a sense of grounding and balance to your altar space. They can also help you connect with the energy of the earth and the seasons. Using seasonal flowers and colours is one of my favourite ways to adorn my altar. Weaving nature into your altar can be a powerful way to deepen your spiritual practice. Consider all the elements, fire, earth, water and air and think about how you may represent them on your altar. Be sure to choose plants that are safe for indoor use and that will thrive in the lighting conditions of your space.

Cleanse your altar

The final step is to cleanse your altar space. You can do this by burning incense, using water, or by simply setting an intention for your altar space. Cleansing and blessing your altar prepares the space for your intentions and invites in your desired energy and spirits. Keep your altar free from dust and dirt, keep your plants and flowers healthy and any water fresh. This is your own personal sacred space.

Creating an altar space at home is a beautiful way to connect with your spiritual practice and deepen your connection with the Earth. By choosing a sacred spot, selecting meaningful objects, using incense or essential oils, and incorporating nature, you can create a space that is both visually stunning and spiritually uplifting. Whether you use your altar space for meditation, prayer, or simply as a place to reflect on your intentions, it can serve as a powerful reminder of your connection to the divine.