Eco-friendly and luxurious jewellery

Treading lightly on the Earth is an incredibly important ethos of Thorn & Claw. One of the benefits of buying handmade, artisanal jewellery is knowing exactly where you purchased from and the ethics of the crafter.

Dark luxury jewellery gifts

I forge talismans to reconnect you to the wild, and part of this is to make sure everything is created with the highest respect towards nature and our environment. Dark luxury need not harm our natural world, and respecting nature is a vital part of Thorn & Claw's ethics.

I only craft from ethically sourced materials and natural finds. No creature is harmed by my hands and each creation is crafted in their honour. I use eco-friendly materials and nothing man-made is in my packaging, everything can be recycled or reused.

Luxury gift for pagans and gothic lovers

Jewellery symbolising myth and mystery 

Every single order from Thorn & Claw is luxuriously gift packaged, whether a gift for a loved one or a talisman to honour yourself.⁠

You will find the Thorn & Claw sigil hand stamped in black wax upon each boxed talisman I create. The sigil features flora and fauna heavily entwined with dark folklore and myth. Raven talons clasping a dagger-like Blackthorn branch - both prominent omens in Nordic and Celtic tales from old.⁠

Packaging your amulet is one of my most favourite parts of running a handcrafted dream. From the final polish to sealing the Thorn & Claw symbol, each action feels like a sacred ritual.

Ritually gift-packaged jewellery

Every Thorn & Claw amulet is ritually encased in moss, delicately wrapped and hand-sealed in wax before sending it to you - in respect of the gift you have chosen for a loved one or yourself. When you unwrap your piece, you will find some of the wilds waiting quietly inside.⁠

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