Wolf meaning and and symbolism

Have wolves been calling to you in your dreams? Or perhaps they have been appearing in books, films or have even revealed themselves to you in person.

Wolves often represent untamed wildness, and hearing the howl of a wolf stirs something deep within us all, a primal reminder that we are all still wild, once the layers of modern living have been stripped away. 

What do wolves symbolise?

Wolves share many traits with our beloved dogs, loyal hard workers who thrive in packs - yet wolves have never been leashed and are still connected to the innate instinct that flows through each of us if we but allowed ourselves to listen. Despite this fierceness, wolves are social, warm and highly intelligent animals that thrive in sync with the seasons. Wolves have also been linked to the moon across the ages, both representing the true wildness within us all.

Wolf symbology and wolf meaning. Wolves in mythology.

What does the wolf represent as a guide?

Wolves are faithful guides and totems if they become our allies, and will often remind us that we must trust the instinctual swirls we often feel deep in our gut, and most importantly to entrust in ourselves. We must not fear the darker, more primal parts of our natures, for this element is often the most authentic part of ourselves. 

What is the meaning of wolves?

  • Instinct
  • Primal knowledge
  • The shadow path
  • Inner strength
  • Loyalty 

What does wearing Wolf jewellery as a talisman help with?

If the wolf calls to you powerfully and has become a companion in your path through life, you may wish to symbolise your bond with a personal talisman. 

A primal wolf claw pendant cast in solid sterling silver. Wear it close to summon your true wildness. Let the wolf remind you to listen to your instinct. You will find courage even in the darkest of places.

Wolf necklace, wolf claw pendant. Wolf talisman. Gift for wolf lovers.


This Wolf claw necklace was life-cast from a real, ethically sourced wolf claw. Then, hand-finished to create detailed shadows and highlights, accentuating all the intricate textures of the natural casting. Drawing from British folklore, Nordic mythology and Celtic legends, handmade from ethically sourced materials and natural finds. Each talisman is ritually crafted by hand in Dorset, England.

Wolf symbology in mythology and folklore 

In Nordic mythology, Fenrir (Old Norse for “he who dwells in the marshes”) is a giant, monstrous wolf and the son of Loki. Fenrir was divined to begin Ragnarök, and ultimately end the reign of the Nordic gods. ⁠

When freed from his bonds, the colossal wolf will go forth with his mouth opened wide, his upper jaw touching the sky and his lower jaw the earth, flames burning from his eyes and nostrils.⁠ Fenrir will be free. ⁠

Wolves also feature prominently in Irish Mythology. The Irish word for wolf is Mac Tíre meaning, "Son of the Country(side)". The numerous depictions of Cernunnos the horned god of the forest, feature him in the company of wolves.

The Morrígan, Irish goddess of battle and fate was said to take on the form of a red-furred wolf, as well as crows and ravens. Wolves were traditionally the companions of moon goddesses such as Cerridwen, in Wales.