Fox Meaning and Symbolism

Do foxes keep crossing your path, or do you hear them calling in the depths of the night? Have they appeared in books, or maybe in your dreams?

Foxes often represent cunning, playfulness and resilience. They walk the fine line between the wilds and urban living, making the best of both environments. They are adaptable, clever and full of mischief. 

What do foxes symbolise?

The fox is a creature of myth and legend, with a rich history of symbolism across cultures and throughout time. From its cunning and sly nature to its beautiful, russet-colored coat, the fox has captured the human imagination and inspired countless stories and fables. 

One of the most common associations with foxes is their cleverness and resourcefulness. They are known for their ability to outsmart predators and humans alike, and have long been associated with trickery and deceit. This cunning nature has earned them a place in many cultures as a symbol of intelligence and shrewdness. In fact, the phrase "as sly as a fox" has become a popular expression to describe someone who is clever and quick-witted.

fox jewellery thorn and claw fox meaning

What does the fox represent?

Foxes beckon you to get back in touch with your true wild, feral nature. To listen to the instinct that stirs in the pit of your stomach, that wishes to run with abandon through the trees, laughing and never looking back. When was the last time you felt the damp grasses between your toes and belly laughed into the wind?

Foxes hold a duel nature, as along with their more mischievous side, they can also slip silently into the shadows, morphing into a resilient survivor. The fox could be telling you that now is the time to lay low, to prioritise your needs and that of your home and family. Now could be the time to be invisible to others.  

What is the meaning of foxes?

  • Intelligence
  • Feral instinct
  • Resilience
  • Mischievousness
  • Wild wisdom 

Foxes in mythology and folklore

Foxes hold a special place in British folklore, where they are often depicted as cunning and elusive creatures that outsmart even the most experienced hunters. The red fox, with its bushy tail and piercing gaze, has long been associated with magic, trickery, and transformation, making it a popular subject in legends, myths, and fairy tales.

One particularly evocative image of foxes in British folklore is that of the "moonlit fox." According to legend, on nights when the moon is full, foxes can be seen dancing and frolicking in the moonlight, their coats shimmering like silver in the pale glow. This image has captured the imaginations of generations of storytellers and poets, who have used it to convey the magic and mystery of the natural world.

Wearing fox jewellery as a talisman

If the fox calls to you and has become a companion on your path through life, you may wish to symbolise your bond with a personal talisman. 

Thorn and claw fox claw necklace claw pendant silver fox jewellery

 Fylgja - Fox claw necklace in solid sterling silver

A single feral Fox claw pendant cast in solid sterling silver hung upon a chain design of your choice. A talisman to connect you back to your wild ways.

Sigyn - Fox claw earrings in solid sterling silver

Sacred to the ancient Celts the cunning and resourceful Fox gifts us the power to silently tread the wilds, without leaving a trace behind.
These Fox claw earrings are hand-finished, creating detailed shadows and highlights, accentuating all the intricate textures of the natural casting.