Gifting Thorn & Claw Jewellery

Handcrafted, luxuriously wrapped jewellery is a timeless gift, whether you are honouring a loved one or perhaps even yourself. Gifting meaningful jewellery is an ancient tradition that has been practised for over 25,000 years.

Adorning armour

Jewels are given as offerings, worn to evoke emotions, memories and even to imbue the wearer with power. A necklace adorned about your person may fill you with courage, a ring slipped on a finger calls you back to your lover and a subtle pair of earrings could transport you to a time long ago.

I have always been fascinated by the sensations and sentiments felt when ornamenting myself with jewellery. A particular pendant helps keep me grounded when the world is busy with noise, while another may imbue me with strength when I need it the most. This personal warding and adorned, subtle armour is what called me to create jewellery, not as materialistic fashion items, but as powerful, personal talismans.

I believe the right jewellery piece should feel like an amulet; different designs may gift different powers upon the wearer

Gifting memory and time

Jewellery is an especially meaningful and sentimental gift. Each piece I have been graciously given not only invokes certain feelings and sensations but directly calls the gifter to my heart. I carry them with me as I carry the jewel.

Handcrafted jewellery transcends time, a well-forged piece will outlive its original wearer. Your gift could indeed become an heirloom with a lifespan longer than we could imagine. A relic for future kin to treasure.

Thorn & Claw jewellery can be worn by all, each piece is unisex in design with options for different chain styles on pendants, whether you desire a hefty belcher chain or something more delicate. Earrings can also be purchased individually. 

Thorn & Claw jewellery giftbox box

Buying handmade jewellery

Treading lightly on the Earth is an especially important ethos of Thorn & Claw. One of the many benefits of buying handmade, artisanal jewellery is knowing exactly where you purchased from and the ethics of the crafter.

I forge talismans to reconnect you to the wild, and part of this is to make sure everything is created with the highest respect towards nature and our environment.

I only craft from ethically sourced materials and natural finds. No creature is harmed by my hands and each creation is crafted in their honour. I use eco-friendly yet luxe materials and nothing man-made is in my packaging, everything can be recycled or reused.

Hand-sealed and hand-sent

Each Thorn & Claw amulet is ritually encased in moss, delicately wrapped and hand-sealed in wax before sending it to you - in respect of the gift you have chosen for a loved one or yourself. When you unwrap your piece, you will find some of the wilds waiting quietly inside.

If you wish to send a special message with your gift, or perhaps have dreamings of something altogether different, do please contact me and we can speak of possibilities.