Blackthorn Meaning And Symbolism

Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) dwells on the edge of forests and is often called the Dark Crone of the Woods. Straif is the Irish name of the fourteenth letter of the Ogham alphabet ᚎ, represented by Blackthorn. Blackthorn has a sinister reputation, associated with warfare, wounding and death. However, this is also a plant of guarding, with Witches carving the runic symbol for thorn on a Blackthorn stave for protection.

What does Blackthorn symbolise?

  • Protection
  • Guarding
  • Secret Keeping
  • Shadow work

Blackthorn meaning in mythology and folklore

Blackthorn has a sinister reputation and to many it often represents the dark side of witchcraft and magick. It is a sacred tree to the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, and is associated with the Waning and Dark Moon. Blackthorn is also known as keeper of dark secrets.

Blackthorn is linked with wars, wounds and death, and sacred to the Scottish Crone Cailleach - the Divine Hag. Her time begins on Samhain, when she leaves the mountains and walks across the lands bringing winter storms, snow and Death. 

    Blackthorn MEANING & SYMBOLISM blackthorn folklore and mythology

    What does wearing Blackthorn jewellery as a talisman help with?

    There is a small Blackthorn shrub in my garden, one my partner planted beneath the oaks that overhang our fire bowl. The end of our garden is feral and wild, and the Blackthorn guards the entryway as the more domesticated garden begins to fade into woodland. It is from this small shrub that I have life-cast both the Blackthorn Earrings and matching Blackthorn Pendant. ⁠


    Armour yourself with solid silver blackthorn, crossed in protective warding. This tree is sacred to the darkest wilds within us all. 


    Adorn yourself with blackthorn earrings, daggers to ward your spirit against modern perils. 

    These Blackthorn talismans were life-cast from a real English Blackthorns. Then, hand-finished to create detailed shadows and highlights, accentuating all the intricate textures of the natural casting. Drawing from British folklore, Nordic mythology and Celtic legends, handmade from ethically sourced materials and natural finds. Each talisman is ritually crafted by hand in Dorset, England.