How to celebrate ancient Ostara

Ostara is celebrated around March 20th - 21st, at the same point as the Spring Equinox. Light and dark are once again in balance as the wheel turns towards the summer months ahead. It is a time of new beginnings and of life emerging from the frozen grasps of winter. Ostara marks the first day of spring.

This ancient heathen fire festival is a celebration of growth and rejuvenation is named after the Germanic fertility Goddess Ostara/Eostre. The season has changed once again - the warmth of the sun can be felt on the soil, there is a sweetness on the winds and every new bud is ready to unfurl.

How to celebrate Spring at home

Now is the perfect time for renewal in your own life, to meet the vitality of spring in your sacred rituals. Traditionally Ostara was celebrated with tremendous bonfires and vibrant feasts, to mark the colds of winter thawing and the promise of fertile lands to grow. You can replicate this in your own home by burning large candles and preparing a special meal. Eat seasonally and incorporate spring symbology into your foods - seeds, fresh spring greens or asparagus, and indulge in sweet pleasures such as dark chocolate, honey and spiced cakes.

If you have a sacred space, purge and renew your offerings. Burn incense or smoke sticks to cleanse your altar, and place symbols of the season as thanks. Fertility is represented by eggs, whether real or decorated is a personal choice. Other offerings to consider are seedlings, fresh flowers, baked goods and thawed snow.

Refresh and renew your home, throw open your windows and let the warming air flow from room to room. Clean the spaces you frequent the most, rid your home of dying plants and stale foods. Wash your windows and mirrors to flood your home with the growing light of the sun. Burn or discard anything stagnant or decaying. Cleanse your physical self - soak in a salt bath dressed in spring flowers or fresh foliage. Honour your body with nourishing foods throughout the day.

Plant your intentions 

Ostara is a time for growth. What you plant now, will be harvested as the summer fades. Set your intentions for the year ahead, and for extra vigour visualise all that you desire as you plant bulbs and seedlings in your favourite green space. As they grow, so too will your intentions.

Most importantly, spend as much time in the wilds as you can. Revel in the signs of vitality all around you. The birds are nest building, Queen bees are emerging from hibernation and spring flowers are bursting forth from the Earth. Take a deep breath into the belly of your lungs and pause for a moment to feel the heat of the sun on your face. Life is awakening.