The story behind the sigil

The meaning behind the Thorn & Claw logo

The Thorn & Claw sigil features flora and fauna heavily entwined with dark folklore and myth. The logo features Raven talons clasping a dagger-like Blackthorn branch - both prominent omens in Norse and Celtic tales from old.

Thorn and claw logo design black and white raven blackthorn wildlife

Raven symbolism and meaning

Ravens have always carried sacred significance to me, and their influence in my life has grown over the years. Representing primal knowledge and inner work, I feel a strong ancestral link within their presence. Not only do Ravens fly between our world and the realm of the Other, but they also feature in both Celtic and Norse mythology - two ways of old I strive to honour in my own life. I am fortunate to live in an area of the UK where their numbers are increasing, and it stops me in my tracks whenever I am lucky enough to hear or see a Raven. 

Ravens (Corvus corax) with their obsidian plumage and deep, hoarse croak are often viewed with foreboding, for they can be seen as an omen of death. They are also associated as a source of ethereal power, straddling across the worlds of the living and the dead. They are often viewed as a messenger between the two realms.

Ravens are held sacred in Norse mythology and are heavily associated with Odin. Huginn (idea) and Muninn (memory) perch upon Odin’s shoulders and whisper the secrets of the world to him. Each morning they take to the skies of Midgard, returning each evening to report their gathered knowledge to the god of wisdom, divination, and magic.

Ravens are also prominent features within Celtic mythology. The Morrígan, Phantom Queen and Shape-Shifter, is the Irish goddess of war, death and destiny. She circled battlefields as a conspiracy of Ravens to consume the souls of fallen warriors and carry their souls to the realm of the dead.

The day I finished crafting Thorn & Claw's signature Raven talon pendant, I knew that I wanted it incorporated into my logo as the main symbol. I also wanted Blackthorn woven into the sigil, as this mysterious tree represents the darker side of nature that I desired my pieces in invoke.

Blackthorn symbolism and meaning

Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) dwells on the edge of forests and is often called the Dark Crone of the Woods. This is a plant of guarding, with Witches traditionally carving the runic symbol for thorn, on a Blackthorn stave for protection. Blackthorn is linked with wars, wounds and death, and sacred to the Scottish Crone Cailleach - the Divine Hag. Her time begins on Samhain, when she leaves the mountains and walks across the lands bringing winter storms, snow and Death. 

There is a small Blackthorn shrub in my garden, one my partner planted beneath the oaks that overhang our fire bowl. The end of our garden is feral and wild, and the Blackthorn guards the entryway as the more domesticated garden begins to fade into woodland. It is from this small shrub that I have life-cast both the Blackthorn Earrings and matching Blackthorn Pendant

Thorn and claw logo design black and white raven blackthorn wildlife

Bringing a vision to life

I worked with the renowned wildlife artist Carim Nahaboo to bring my vision to paper. Well known for his detailed and life-like illustrations, I knew his blackwork, in particular, would capture every sharp detail of the talons and thorns. As you can see from the final design - it turned out perfectly.

You will find the Thorn & Claw sigil hand stamped in black wax upon each boxed talisman I create. I hope this powerful symbol seals some of the wild inside for you to discover on opening.